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Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries Bethlehem, PA

Interstate Automotive Batteries

With more than 15 million car batteries sold each year, Interstate Batteries is America's No. 1 replacement-brand battery. Austin's Auto Service supplies Interstate Batteries with its guaranteed "factory fresh" at the time of purchase and its receipt-free warranties are backed coast to coast. Stop in and schedule your appointment today to have your new Interstate Battery installed. Stop in today for your free early detection test or call us at (610) 866-5440 to schedule an appointment.

Interstate Batteries Allentown, PA

Get longer life by choosing the right battery for you. Whether you're battling Jack Frost or the Heat Miser, choosing the right battery from Interstate will keep your car running smoothly. Interstate Batteries® uses your climate and driving conditions to find the perfect battery for any weather.


Cycling Battery

Are you straining your battery life with the engine turned off? If you are listening to music, watching DVDs or pinpointing your location with a GPS, a cycling battery from Interstate Batteries will keep you running longer. 

Climate Battery

Is your battery fighting the extreme heat or battling the super cold? Get a battery that meets your climate needs.

Longest life in cold to moderate climates due to higher Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Reserve Capacity (RC) ratings.

Longest life in hot to moderate climates due to high electrolyte-to-lead ratio. 



What it all means

How to interpret your battery's state of health as determined by interstate's ed-18® analyzer

Factors that Determine Battery Life

Climate, individual driving habits and creature comforts, such as GPS devices and DVD players, all factor into determining battery life. That's why it's so important to let us test your battery every three months or so. It only takes a few minutes, and you'll leave with peace of mind.

Interstate Batteries Easton, PA

Problems run hot and cold

Weather extremes can take a tremendous toll on your vehicle's battery. Compare your battery's age with the average life expectancy of batteries in your part of the country. Consider these facts:

  • Your battery loses about a third of its power when the temperature dips below freezing, and more than half of its power when the temperature falls below zero F.
  • A fully charged battery won't freeze until -76 F; however, a fully discharged battery could start to freeze at 32 F.
  • If your region expects temperatures below 32 F or above 90 F, make sure your battery is up to the task.

good battery
Good Battery

Your battery measures within the manufacturer's specification for CCA (the measuring standard of battery power). Your battery should reliably start the vehicle.

marginal battery
Marginal Battery

Your battery will probably start your car within certain conditions. If the weather turns very cold or hot, your battery may fail. Consider replacing your battery.

replace battery
Replace Battery

Your vehicle may have started today, but there is an increasing likelihood of battery failure. Consider replacing your battery now.

good battery
Charge & Retest

Your battery doesn't have enough of a charge for us to know whether it's good or bad. The battery should be charged and tested again.

ED-18 Battery &
Electrical System Analyzer

The ED-18 Early Detection Battery & Electrical System Analyzer is able to make a clear-cut identification of good, marginal and replacement batteries. The ED-18 also tests the vehicle's starter and charging system, making it a valuable tool for the technician, who needs a fast, accurate and comprehensive electrical system diagnosis.

Jointly developed by Interstate Batteries and Midtonics and distributed exclusively by Interstate, the ED-18 uses an enhanced version of the conductance technology. This technology has been refined in the ED-18 to a new level of sensitivity for detecting marginal batteries. Regular use of the ED-18 at your location will improve customer service, while creating opportunities for preventive battery replacement and electrical system repairs.

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